You're In Brookelynn: Friday Finds v.3

Friday Finds v.3

Omerica Organic
These plugs are BADASS. I can't wait until I size up to around 0, because that's where most of the plugs on this site start their sizing. These are limited edition, too, so if you are interested in these, snatch them up quick!

I am so ready for summer. I plan on wearing something like this all day, every day this summer. You've been warned :)

Warms Your Heart Dress
And on days when I'm not wearing the above swimsuit, I will most likely be wearing a dress like this.

My mom says It’s never too late in the day to start your day over. And whenever I get a parking ticket, I spend two hours on the phone with a customer service robot, my computer crashes, someone pisses me off, or I’m just plain grumpy–instead of falling into the “I’m having a bad day” trap (which then makes the rest of my day bad by default) I simply choose to start my day over.
Justina Blakeney
Something I need to remember. I am the worst about getting into a funk because my day started out bad, and for the rest of the day I just say "well, this is great, shittiest day ever." Might print this out as a reminder :)

Happy Friday! Skylar and I are celebrating valentines day a little late, since I had to work all day on actual valentines day. Outfit photos coming this weekend!

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