You're In Brookelynn: March Instagram Roundup!

March Instagram Roundup!

  • Me and Skylar got these matching hats from a local thrift store for FREE! It was super exciting.
  • Paintin' my nails and stuffs.
  • Bored at work. But I do have a radio, so that makes me look kind of official. (I'm not, don't let it fool you)
  • Got to hang out with my girl Alyssa who just moved back into town! We've been friends since we were chitlins, so I am pretty excited to see her more often.
  • My ears are sizing up nicely! I'm at a 4, but almost ready to make the jump to 2!
  • Lame selfie before ballet class. In news relating to this, I officially decided to declare a minor in dance! Yayyy.
 Me and my Kitty, the cutest kitty ever. It's a fact, actually.
I hope you are all having a lovely week so far! I'm already ready for it to be done, lets hope it goes by fast!



  1. I've always wished I could dance, or even learn how to! I took one class when I was 6 or 7 and threw a major temper tantrum because I couldn't learn the steps. Needless to say my mom never took me back haha.

  2. Totally obsessed with instagram. And your glittery mani! (and your cat is super adorable) :)