You're In Brookelynn

Ekö, Blekinge, Sweden
by Peter Westrup  (
Peter Westrup Photography
How cute is this little nook? I love the wallpaper, and the pops of color from the blankets and pillows. Would be a great stop to nap!
ASK ME ABOUT My Cat shirt. heather grey. kitty t-shirt.
Kinship Goods
The best way to start a conversation with me, in T-shirt form. 
Ursa Minor Print 8x10
The Black Apple
The Black Apple does the most gorgeous illustrations. How adorable is this rosy-cheeked girl with a little baby bear?
Omerica Organic
How cute are these new plugs from Omerica Organic? Little waffles with butter in your ears, so adorable! (Don't forget, you can use the code 'Brooke07' to get 20% off your first order with Omerica Organic!)
mexican blanket ( zarape ) and black brogues oxford shoes - FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING
Goodbye Folk
Oh my god, how amazing are these mexican blanket oxfords from Goodbye Folk? I'll be honest, I have no idea what I would wear them with, but they are just so beauuutiful that I couldn't not share them!
These paintings are absolutely beautiful, I especially adore the last one. I love the use of the pops of light color in the mostly dark compositions.
The back of this dress is sooo gorgeous! I definitely would not mind owning it.

I hope you all have a lovely Friday! Sorry I haven't been posting much this week, I've just started working full-time on campus. At least today is my day off! I'll be spending the day relaxing and playing with my new camera. Also, don't forget to check out yesterday's makeup tutorial featuring Rimmel!

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  1. The teal pillows from the first picture are cute! The waffle plugs are pretty adorable too. I'm still saving up for a DSLR, can't wait until that day comes ;)