You're In Brookelynn: 40 Random Facts about Yours Truly!

40 Random Facts about Yours Truly!

Hello all! I've decided to post some random facts about moi that didn't really fit anywhere in my about/faq pages, but I want to share anyways! Also, I've been nominated for a few Libester awards lately, so this is my contribution to that (not following the rules at all, sorry! haha) Hope you learn a little more about me, and maybe we have some common interests! Well hereeeeee we go!

1. I'm currently minoring in dance performance at my college. I'm not the best dancer (i.e. I can't do triple pirouettes or anything impressive like that), but I took a ballet class just for fun my freshman year, and I loved it so much that I wanted to take more. So I figured I might as well get a degree if I was going to be taking so many dance classes!

2. I absolutely hate spicy foods. I don't even like salsa.

3. I play the sousaphone in my college marching band. I've always been the shortest one in my section, at 5 feet tall. And yes, this means I've spent many a' year at band camp.

4. I am horrible at cooking/baking. You do not want to eat anything I've made, trust me.

5. When I was 15, I went on a tour of Europe with a group called "Voyagers of Music." Our group visited England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany, and Lichtenstein, performing music in each location. I played in the concert band, and sung in the choir.

6. Before I came to college, I was known for my long, curly hair that I dyed red. I am in the process of growing my hair out to this length again!

7. A few of my guilty pleasures: fashion magazines (especially Cosmo!), pop-punk music, and any reality show on TLC (Toddlers and Tiaras!)

8. My ears are currently stretched to 00, and I am planning on going up one size before I leave them be.

9. My first job was at a small copy shop, and it was the worst experience of my life. My boss was awful and thought I was an idiot, and they had about a million different little businesses running out of it that you could never possibly learn all the ins and outs of them (not only could you get prints/copies made, you could also rent storage units and mailboxes, get graphic design work done, sell your college textbooks, etc etc etc).

10. I do not currently identify with any religion.

11. In high school, I performed in a lot of plays and musicals through my school, as well as in community theatre. (These photos are from when I played the Sour Kangaroo in Seussical the Musical, Diva in Starmites the musical, and Little Red in Into the Woods)
 12. I have become slightly obsessed with Doctor Who. David Tennant is my favorite doctor, but I also really liked Christopher Eccleston.

13. I believe I have a legitimate addiction to Dr. Pepper, but only from a soda fountain.

14. Sort of in relation to #11, my boyfriend Skylar and I met when we were 16, while we were in a community theatre production of RENT. He played Benny, and I was in the ensemble.
15. On that note, Skylar and I have been together for over 3 years (as of 2013).

16. I don't wear glasses, and I've never had braces.

17. I have a hard time shopping for jeans. I am very short, and I have big thighs in relation to my hips. It's a combination many jeans don't have.

18. I am going to college for Psychology, but after I graduate, I'd like to go into PR and social media. (You can't get a pych related job unless you have a masters or doctorate) Someday though, I'd like to get my masters!

19. I successfully completed a 365 project in 2010. (You can see it here and here).

20. I graduated high school in 2011.

21. I have never owned a dog, only a cat. I've always wanted one, but my mom wouldn't let us have one. When I get my own place, I'd like to have both a dog and a cat!

22. I actually love being in school and I'm pretty good at writing papers. If I could be a professional student and get paid for it, I would! However, I absolutely despise math of any kind.

24. I've never been a big movie person. I can definitely enjoy a movie, but I'd much rather do something else than go see a movie in a theatre.

25. I usually never wear lipstick or lipgloss, because I think it's messy and looks really weird on me.

26. I've lived in the same house my whole life. (apart from the years I was living in a dorm, and living in my college apartment).

27. I hate anything mint flavored. I can't even bring myself to use mint-flavored toothpaste (I use a citrus flavored one!)

28. I'm currently on anti-depressents, and I have been for a few years. It's mostly under control, but in high school and my first year of college, I was basically a wreck.

29. I've been considering opening up an Etsy shop selling photography/graphic design prints. I'm still looking into places to get prints made for cheap, but it's something I'm seriously considering.

30. I can play the ukulele

31. I absolutely love roller coasters!

32. I was on the dance team for 2 years in high school.

33. I have dressed up for multiple movie premiers (here's one from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2! Note my friend Tori dressed as Fluffy, haha!) I would actually love to go to comic con or some sort of convention and dress up!

34. While I love dancing, I absolutely can not "freestyle." I'm much better in a class atmosphere, where I am taught choreography or combinations.

35. Over the course of one year ( a few years ago), I had 3 or 4 kidney stones, one of which had to be surgically removed. After that year I haven't had one since. I have no idea why, haha.

36. I've been taking surveys online for a few for money using this website. It's totally legit and I have been getting checks for the last 3 or 4 years. It does take a while to earn enough points to exchange them for a decent amount of money, but I would still highly recommend it!

37. I would love to live in England one day.

38. I don't know how to sew, but I would absolutely love to learn.

39. I am the queen of naps...I could sleep all day if I could!

40. I have a shopping addiction...but I mostly only shop at thrift stores, and on clearance racks. It makes me feel better about shopping so much, haha!

And there you have it! Let me know if we have anything in common, I'd love to chat about it :)


  1. GIRL, WHY DIDN'T I KNOW YOU WERE A THEATRE KID?! I get really excited when I meet other bloggers who are/were into musical theatre. I saw that photo of you in Seussical and before I even read anything about it, I saw the hair and knew you had to have been Sour Kangaroo, bahah. I was Gertrude way back in high school :) I miss taking ballet! It was my favorite of the dance classes I took throughout college. And your curly red hair is gorgeous (though I love the short blonde look on you)! You're lucky that you can pull off so many different styles!

    xox Sammi

  2. I am certifiably obsessed with Dr. Pepper too! It's just so dang good.

  3. Brooooke you're too cute! I loved looking through your 365 project. It amazes me that you can look gorgeous with long red hair and short blond hair. I cut my hair short once and looking back, did not pull it off very well, haha. Also I was totally a theater kid too! We're an odd bunch, but we gotta stick together! :) I loved reading all of these.

  4. As far as 29, you can get cheap prints from -it's where I did printing for my etsy shop (mostly digital prints now) and they offer metallic paper (the best! gives an extra shine) for $2.40/8"x10". If you order a few (for inventory), you can also get free shipping. It used to be over $30 was free shipping w/tracking but that may have changed.

  5. I also play ukulele, I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd (I dressed as Hermione for a comic convention once), I was in drama club in high school, and I too would love to be a professional much as I hate school at times. hahaha.

  6. I would love to be a professional student! I didn't have a great time when I originally went to high school because of depression and anxiety but when I went back as an adult, I got 4 credits more than I needed to. I graduated 4 years ago and I called the administration recently and asked if I could go back for fun. Damn not having money for actual university or college! I also would love to learn to sew, am a pro napper and am the worst cook in the world. I only make things that use the microwave... or just eat cereal.