You're In Brookelynn: Friday Finds!

Friday Finds!

Pastel pixels - Leather oxford shoes for woman
Please Machine
How beautiful are these oxfords from Please Machine? It's too bad they are so expensive (I can't ever bring myself to buy a pair of shoes over $50, let alone over $100!) Although, maybe that's a good thing, because I would probably snatch these up in a heartbeat if they were cheaper, and I need to save my monies! 
French Fries and Waffles
Oh, I can sooo relate to this. Make sure to click the link ^ to see the rest of this comic. If you're sort of introverted like me, I'm sure you can relate too!
  Flirty Duets
How cute are these little Tardis earrings? Like I've been saying, I need to put more holes in my ears so I can wear cute, nerdy earrings like these!
Sleeping cat brooch - by elizabeth pawle - modern design - hand drawn hand cut - illustration pin badge
Elizabeth Pawle Illustration
I've kind of been obsessed with cute brooches lately, and when I found this Sleeping Cat Brooch I couldn't help but want it!  It's so dang cute!
 Name: Pedro Ortiz ArcosAge: 19Location: San Vicente, ChileOccupation: Student and IllustratorWebsite:  
My favorite sweater
My childhood treasures (cassette, toy cow and my grandmother´s pin)
A wooden portfolio with all my drawings inside
Diana F+ camera
Ipod shuffle
Glass jewel
My first lomografic photos
Old family pictures
My family
Name: Louis
Age: 18
Location: Lyon, France
Occupation: Student
Website: &


My Moleskine, my extrnal hard drive
My FED 4 with Jupiter 8 lens
3 Black and white films
My polaroid
A Bicycle card game, because I love playing cards
My Etch A Sketch, a gift that remembers me that have good friends
My Diary
My iPod
My old Opinel, a gift from my grandfather
3 pencils
A lot of envelope ton write to people I know
My pocket watercolor box
The Burning House
This blog is so cool, people submit photos of what they would bring with them if they're house was on fire. It's so interesting to see what different people find value in. It makes me want to do a post like that!
Robotic Tentacle Color Fade - Earrings for Stretched Lobes - Gauges
Peach Treats
This Etsy shop has some of the coolest hooks for stretched ears I have ever seen. (My birthday is coming up soon guys...wink wink :))
This ring is so cool! I love the fact that, from far away, it probably looks like a pretty normal ring, but close up you can see the vampire teeth. Super cute.
Well, TGIF, amirite? I've got lots of exciting things going on this weekend, like my first college marching band performance in 2 years! Gotta warm up on my tuba playing :)
Have a lovely Friday!


  1. oh man the Tardis earrings! I love them.


  2. Great picks! I love that ring. It is super cute.


  3. I love the burning house site - it is addictive to sift through! I did a post on it ages ago here and I am proud to say I don't think my preferences have changed! I hope you do one :) x