You're In Brookelynn: Friday Finds!

Friday Finds!

Charlotte Mei
How cute is this little plate shaped like toast? It's almost too cute to eat off of! (almost...because who am I kidding, if I owned this it's the only plate I would eat off of.)
Gauge Queen
Eeeeee these plugs! So cute I can't stand it! If someone were to buy me a late birthday present...
ghost-it sticky notes
GHOST STICKY NOTES. They are for you to take notes in a book without having to write on it! These would definitely make studying a lot less painful.
Cedric Laquieze
THESE ARE NUTS. Flowers attached to animal skeletons. Sort of creepy, but still awesome.  
Phone Booth Locket Necklace
How perfect is this TARDIS locket? I definitely need to own this.
And I have saved the best for last...
No words.

Just a short Friday Finds post today, I've actually got minor surgery scheduled for today! (Nothing serious, just getting an upper scope to look at the inside of my stomach)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. This Tardis locket is just too perfect! And the plate and the plugs are so sweet :)

    Our Recipe For Happiness

  2. I can't even handle the George Costanza dress.