You're In Brookelynn: Friday Finds!

Friday Finds!

I love this illustration of the scooby do gang circa the 1950's. Am I the only one who is totally digging greaser-shaggy?

These girl's shirts from Peek are great. What a great way to encourage children's minds!
wild flower nail transfers
Flower nail stickers? Super adorable. This shop sells tons of different designs!

How perfect is this skirt for fall? Plus, it's on sale! If I wasn't saving my money, I would buy this in a heartbeat, for real.
Grumpy Cat in Disney Movies
Grumpy cat in disney movies. The best. I can't decide if the lion king or the little mermaid one is my favorite!
Spring Apple jewelry red apple green apple earring unique silver jewelry miniature clay fruit
How adorable are these apple earrings? This shop has so much cute fruit/food jewelry, but how perfect would these apple ones be for fall?

This. If I had my own place, (and a cat, haha) this would be the first thing I bought.

How cool is this knitted lamp shade? I'm not sure how to order it off the website, but I totally would if I could!

I hope you all had a lovely week! Mine was super busy, I've been rushing one of the music fraternities on campus! So I'm pretty excited for the weekend :)

Happy Friday!

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