You're In Brookelynn: Friday Finds!

Friday Finds!

This is something I need. Pillow-Blanket=the best nap ever!
These puppy pillows are so cute! I definitely need the huskie one, since my school's mascot is the Huskie!


At Maetaeng Animal Park, in Thailand, houses elephants that have learned to paint!

How cool is this bedroom? Oh my god, I would never leave.
Cloud Felt Coaster set with punched rain detail -  100% 4mm grey mélange wool felt, set of 4
We don't really use coasters at my house, but these cloud felt ones are still cute as hell!
I actually stick post-it notes to the back of my phone pretty frequently, so this is kind of awesome...Adhesive notes for iPhone. We know what you're thinking -- there are apps for that. Well, it's still easier to jot something down on a sticky note, and more satisfying to cross off an item with real ink. With Paperback, you can do a quick sketch or make a list the old-fashioned way, and slap it on the back of your phone.
Post-it notes for your iphone. Absolutely genius.

Fat cats are my favorite thing in life.

Happy Friday! I hope you have a lovely weekend :)


  1. I love elephant art! And the post it note thing is genius but I'd probably press to hard and screw up my phone!

  2. Wow all of these look AWESOME. especially the pillow blanket. and the cat. you can never get over fat cats.

  3. I always love your Friday Finds! Those puppy pillows are too cute.