You're In Brookelynn: #ZabrinaSecretSanta!


I was super excited to be a part of the #Zabrina secret santa hosted by Sabrina of Cattails and Cardigans and Z of Sometimes Z Takes Pictures. And finally, I received a package from the lovely Sabrina herself!

I was SO EXCITED to receive this! I was completely overwhelmed by all of the thought that went into this and the nice things I received! In total, I received an adorable purse, mustard yellow hat (which will look great with my hair, I think!), a pair of jeans, tons of makeup, and lots of candy!

Not only that, but Sabrina also gave me a gift card to Oh My Word! Body Jewelry for a pair of handmade plugs! How sweet is that? I've been e-mailing with the owner about what I'd like to have made for me, and I'm leaning towards a lovely pink ivory set! 

I'd like to thank Sabrina and Z for hosting such a fun exchange, and Sabrina for the wonderful gift, It's so lovely! (You can also check out everyone else's gift reveals here!)

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  1. Aw how sweet of Sabrina to give the handful of gifts! :)) Candies! <3 Happy Holidays Brooke! :)