You're In Brookelynn: College Tips: Commuting Essientials

College Tips: Commuting Essientials

Anyone else starting classes today? I, for one, could definitely use another week or so. Anyway, if you didn't know, I currently commute about 30 minutes to my university. It definitely has it's ups and downs (I'll talk about that in another post, maybe), but today I'm gonna talk about how to make commuting a little easier. 

If you've ever commuted to school, you know what I mean when I say you need to be prepared. I started commuting to my university last year, and there are quite a few things I've learned to make commuting go smoother. The number one tip I can give is to pack a "commuter bag" that I usually keep in my car. This may sound weird at first, but when you can't run back to your dorm or apartment if you've forgotten something, it can definitely come in handy!

So, here's what I've packed in my 'commuter bag' for this semester, and what I suggest to pack in yours!

1. Supplies for all of your classes. I highly suggest carrying (or at least having in your car) your material for all of your classes, even if you don't have that class that particular day. For me, this also includes my dance clothes, such as leotards, tights, and all of my dance shoes. I mainly do this in case I end up spending the night at a friend's apartment on campus, so I don't have to scramble the next day when I don't have my books, or a leotard for my ballet class. Also, this can be super helpful to get your homework done on days in-between class.

2. A full change of clothes. I also mainly pack extra clothes for the spontaneous sleep-overs I mentioned before, but also, because you never know what will happen! You'll definitely be thankful for an extra change of clothes if you get stuck in a rainstorm while walking across campus, or when you're so tired that you spill coffee all over your shirt.

3. Rain/Snow Boots. Along those same lines, I always keep rain and snow boots in my car, so I can be prepared for those terrible weather days. Also, during the summer I kept a pair of flip flops and running shoes in my car, just in case.

4. Snacks. In addition to packing a lunch (which I highly reccomend, it's way cheaper and healthier than fast food every day!), I always keep a few granola bars in my car, in case I forgot my lunch, or I am just dying of hunger.

5. Phone Charger. No explanation needed.

6. Any beauty/health products you may need. I usually have some powder foundation on hand for middle-of-the-day touch-ups. I also keep a weekly pill organizer with all of my perscriptions in it, as well as Tylenol and antacids. Don't forget to stock up on...ahem...feminine products.

7. A blanket. Any college student knows that naps are one of the most important parts of the day. This sucks as a commuter. My solution? Naps in your car! I've talked to lots of commuters at my school, and trust me, it's a pretty common thing for commuters to nap in their car. I've done it plenty of times. You can even keep a pillow in your car if you want to be super luxurious :)

Any commuters out there, what are the essentials you keep in your car? Any tips to make commuting easier? I'd love to hear!


  1. I agree 100% with all of this!! I used to commute to college by bus, and then for grad school I commuted by car, and there are definitely times when you need a change of clothes (when you didn't know it was going to downpour), when you need a book (first class was cancelled), or when you need a snack (starving). I definitely want to add a blanket to my car! Great idea!

  2. I commute to class on the subway, which is super lame cause I don't get a car to store stuff in! My boyfriend always tries to get me to sleep over at his place on campus - hecks nah, if I need to go home to get pajamas! Cute list and I LOVE your commuter bag!

    1. Thanks! I've started keeping a pair of pajamas and a change of clothes at my boyfriends house too, haha!