You're In Brookelynn: Friday Finds!

Friday Finds!

I love this sweater! Yeah, it would be cool on Halloween, but I would definitely rock this for Valentines Day :)

Yeah, these definitely look like my kind of beverages.
Sterling Silver Octopus Tentacle Wrap Ring
So, uh, this ring is the coolest thing ever.
Charles Darwin Greeting Science Valentine
The perfect valentine for science lovers!
Adorable back detailing on this minty dress
This dress is beautiful, especially the back!

This astrology wall calender is the coolest!
If you're feeling pizza:If you're feeling one of those nights:
If you're feeling free:If you're feeling a movie night:
These Valentines Day cards are beautiful.
Vintage  Japanese painting Hokusai‘s The Great Wave off Kanagawa Skirt
2 colors to choose FineArt Collection Vintage Traditional Mid-age oil painting style court chic dark green or red dress
This etsy shop has some really cool pieces inspired by fine art!

This is not photoshopped. These mountains are in China! How beautiful is that?
This is probably the best v-day gift you could ever give.

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day with the ones you love :) Don't forget to pamper yourself!


  1. That octopus ring is off the hook!!!! I almost never wear rings anymore, but I have so many cool ones! Need to get back into the habit. :]

  2. Those mountains are crazy beautiful!! Can you imagine seeing those in person?

  3. Ha, those cards are too cute. :) If only I'd seen them sooner, I would have definitely bought one for my man.