You're In Brookelynn: Review: ATNX Photoshop Actions

Review: ATNX Photoshop Actions

I've recieved this product compliments of ATNX specifically for review. All opinions stated are entirely my own. All photos in the review were taken by me, and edited with the action noted on the photo with no further editing.

I was super excited when ATNX Digital contacted me to review their photoshop actions. It's no secret that I love using photoshop actions, and I am always open to trying new ones.

If you're not familiar with how photoshop actions work, I highly recommend reading this article. I love using them, especially when I'm a little stuck on how I want to edit a photo. Anyways, onto the review!

This set comes with 90 actions, including lots of black & white, sepia, and color options. They also have quite a few basic editing actions that boost colors, contrast, midtones etc. My favorite thing about these actions are how customizable they are. Many actions in the set include special layers that allow you to lighten or darken the image to your liking. This is especially helpful, because a few of their actions can be a little harsh. Of course, it's important to keep in mind that not every action will compliment every photo you run it on.

Also, these actions are extremely affordable. For all 90 actions, the price comes in at a very reasonable $25. Most professional action sets can cost anywhere from $50 to over $100, so these are definitely a bargain. I highly recommend this set to any photographer who are looking to dabble with professional-style actions, but can't quite afford the big names.

All of these actions are available for purchase on ATNX's website

I hope you all have a lovely Monday!

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