You're In Brookelynn: Spring Pastels

Spring Pastels

I don't know about all of you, but when spring rolls around, all I want to wear are pastels (as evidenced by my last outfit post). So, since winter has been overstaying it's welcome (seriously, stop it dude), I've decided to put together some pretty collections featuring colors from all over the pastel spectrum. Enjoy!

Pink & Purple
Spring Pastels: Pink & Purple
Orange & Yellow
Spring Pastels: Yellow & Orange
Blue & Green
Spring Pastels: Blue & Green

Which collection is your favorite? Mine is definitely the pinks and purples, but that's probably because pink and purple are my favorite colors, haha!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love the orange and yellow collection, just because it pops more than pastels and I really need more color in my wardrobe. Plus those orange Keds and the yellow satchel - love them. Also love the pink jacket though! And the dress and satchel and shoes in THAT collection.

  2. Pinks and purples all the way (: By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award ( There is no obligation to participate, but I'd love to read your answers to my questions (:

  3. I love all of these so much! I really hope spring is just around the corner, because I'm not sure how much more winter weather I can take! xx, Elizabeth

  4. I LOVE the pink and purple pieces, especially the bag! I think my favorite collection has to be the green and blue one because mint has always been one of my favorite colors.

  5. Orange and yellow are my favorites, but I always feel that I look better in the greens and blues. Oh well!