You're In Brookelynn: Friday Finds!

Friday Finds!

So, this is basically my dream house!

This guy takes his kitty hiking with him, how adorable is that? I wish my cat would be that cooperative, haha!

Oh my gosh, this dress! I wish I owned this, I would definitely love to wear it on my 21st birthday.
Lucky Charms Blizzard
Uh, Lucky Charms Blizzard? Get in my belly!

This photo takes my breath away. I would give (almost) anything to be somewhere like this!
This DIY project to embroider your headphones is so dang cute!
Raw Pink Tourmaline Earrings | LEIF I love raw stones, you can't go wrong with something in its natural state.
These raw pink tourmaline earrings are absolutely stunning!
White Strap Back Black Embroidered Dress
I would wear this dress in a heartbeat!
And finally, look at this hilarious DIY macrame cat hammock! If I were craftier, I would totally make one of these for my kitty :) (the blog post is in Spanish, but there are lots of pictures!)

Happy Friday everyone! I'll be gone this weekend celebrating my 21st birthday on Sunday, the 27th! Have a wonderful weekend :)

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