You're In Brookelynn: Sunset Bike Ride

Sunset Bike Ride

Summer is finally here, guys! After being stuck inside most of the day at one of my two jobs, I have been in desperate need of some fresh air. So the other night, Skylar and I decided to take a little bike ride around his town. Since I don't actually own a bike (it got, Skylar's mom let me borrow hers, which is a really pretty mint green (you can see it 2 photos down). Isn't it adorable? I almost want to buy the same exact one. Would that be weird?

Anyway, we went out just before sunset, and I am so happy I brought my camera. The sky was so beautiful! We rode to the park, which was insanely flooded, but still managed to find a spot to hang out. Here's all the photos from that night!

The last photo is a composite image of 3 photos- this is the only photo that I think really does the sunset justice. Evenings like these are the best :)

Happy Tuesday!

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