You're In Brookelynn: Young Love: an Art Journal

Young Love: an Art Journal

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning Skylar and I's apartment when I found a box of Skylar's random junk that we hadn't unpacked yet (we moved in last August...yeah). Inside was mostly old clothes and useless junk, but then I discovered this little book. It was a Christmas present I gave to Skylar the first year we started dating. That was almost six years ago- I was a senior in high school, and Skylar was a junior. I bought a little blank journal around the time we started dating, and started writing little notes to him inside of it whenever I missed him. I decided to turn it into an art journal and give it to him for Christmas.

Flipping through it brought on so many emotions. It instantly brought me back to high school, to a much simpler time. When I could just spend hours creating and making art and not caring about whether it looked "good." It brought me back to experiencing my first love (and some really sappy journal entries- I left most of those out of this post). Mostly it just inspired me to create another art journal to look back on.

I decided I wanted to take pictures of my favorite pages. Skylar and I's 6th anniversary is coming up this Saturday (May 7th), and it's kind of crazy to look back on this journal in the context of having dated for six years. I wanted to make sure that if this journal ever got lost again, there would be some way I could look back at at least a peak of what I wrote in here. I can't wait to read it in another six years- who knows where we'll be.

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