You're In Brookelynn: 1,052,640 Minutes

1,052,640 Minutes

Today marks exactly 2 years with the most wonderful boyfriend ever. We met as awkward theatre kids in a community theatre production of RENT (yes, really. Get the reference in the title? haha, I am funny.) I, in a ballsy move (which I am surprised I even did at all, considering I am so shy) asked him to my junior prom, and the rest is history I suppose.

Here we are at my Junior and Senior prom, respectively. Yay for awkwardly posed prom pictures while a million moms are shoving cameras in your face. 

 The first picture we ever took together. How precious.

He is definitely the best boyfriend I could have ever asked for. While we've had our ups and downs (as everyone has had), he's always been there for me no matter what, even if I'm being irrational or emotional or altogether not deserving of it. He knows just how I like my coffee in the morning when I sleep over, and doesn't act disgusted when he sees me with no bra/makeup on and my hair a mess, and even lets me kiss him with my morning breath. He still insists on paying for me when we go out to eat (even with my objections, I usually loose) and doesn't get angry when I call him at 1am because I can't sleep. What I am saying is be jealous: the perfect boyfriend exists, and he is mine :)

Also, we are the most attractive couple ever. Just in case you didn't know.


  1. aww, you guys are so cute. i love that last picture of you :) xx