You're In Brookelynn: Growing up

Growing up

I just signed the lease on a new apartment for the summer/next school year! I am so excited, I never even thought I would be getting an apartment so soon, but I have a steady job and the opportunity presented itself and I couldn't say no. I feel like an adult, haha. I know my face doesn't look that excited in the picture above, but believe me, I was excited on the inside (I had unfortunately gotten food poisoning on the day I signed the lease, so I guess thats why I don't look very excited, haha.)

Well anyways, sorry for not posting much lately. I know not many people read this, so I guess I am mostly apologizing to myself. I have been trying to focus on school and work and such, trying to be a good student/worker so I can fund this apartment. And finals are coming up and I need to do well. So wish me luck on that, I suppose. After finals are over, you can plan on seeing me posting a lottt more, since I won't have schoolwork to have to worry about!

I think what I am most excited about this apartment is that I get to decorate it! I absolutely love home decor/diy stuff; as you can see I attempted to be crafty in my dorm here. It's always nice to have inspirational reminders around, especially when they look cute :) Anywho, I am excited to have a little place of my own to decorate and make look homey and special. I actually considered going to school for interior design for a little while while I was in high school, but obviously I changed my mind (as I often do).

Well, I know this was kind of a random post, but stay tuned because tomorrow (most likely, if not the next day), I have a surprise post for those who care :) It's gonna be exciting!

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