You're In Brookelynn: A few more photos from the West

A few more photos from the West

Here's some photos from the rest of my trip; most of them are from Yellowstone. It was absolutely beautiful there. It was so hot though, I would have loved it even more if it was a bit cooler and there were less tourists. I suppose I'll have to go in the fall next time!

Old Faithful

I was really excited to see wildlife in the park, but all we saw was buffalo (I guess I'm not really complaining, buffalo are pretty cool). I wanted to see something crazy like a pack of bears or something, but I guess it's probably a good thing that we didn't, haha. We did see one bear though, when we were driving. It was pretty far away, doing whatever bears do I guess. But anyway, back to the buffalo, these motherfuckers don't give a shit about anything. We got stuck in a 2 hour long traffic jam (not exaggerating) because there were buffalo in the road. It was insane. And after that, we saw one lone buffalo walking towards our car (while we were driving) in the same lane we were in, and wouldn't stop! We actually had to go around him, or else he would have walked into the hood of our car. Crazy.

The beauty of nature astounds me. Especially when it features water. A body of water can be so many different things; powerful or peaceful, clear or murky. You put water in a pond or lake and stand on the edge, the tide playfully rolls up and tickles your feet, before retreating back leaving the sand smooth in it's wake. But you stand next to a waterfall or crashing river, you suddenly feel small and powerless. Like if you stuck your foot in to test the temperature, you would be sucked in to a thrashing void, gone in an instant.

Damn nature, you scary. (Family guy anyone?)

Well I am off to make a small dinner and eat some cherries I bought at the grocery store today. I have a productive day ahead of me tomorrow, job hunting here I come!

Have a wonderful evening!

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  1. wow, these are amazing pictures, the colours are so vivid!