You're In Brookelynn: Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

 It feels so nice to be home. We arrived back on Saturday at around 4:30 am, and you have no idea how nice it felt to sleep in my own big full sized bed without having to worry about kicking Skylar or hearing my Dad snore like a wildebeest (seriously, it's awful. Skylar slept in the bathtub one night because it was so bad). 

As much as I love traveling, the best feeling of all is arriving home and getting back to your normal routine. I missed waking up at 9 or 10, making a cup of coffee (the way I like it, not the gross hotel coffee where they only give you non-dairy creamer. I love my french vanilla creamer), and lazing around the rest of the day. After a week of adventures, I need a day or two to sit around and relax.

Song of the day:

Voice In My Throat by Pearl and the Beard on Grooveshark

I've decided that every time I make a post, I am going to post a song along with it that kind of encapsulates the mood that I'm in at the time. This one is by a band called Pearl and the Beard, which Skylar showed to me. I absolutely love them. Also, you should check out this video of their "Will Smith Medley", it's awesome! The lead girl singer is amazing, the one guy in the band is the most fabulous tenor. Plus, they have some bitchin' harmonies (I'm a sucker for good harmonies). Check them out!

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