You're In Brookelynn: Fall wishlist!

Fall wishlist!

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In lieu of my last post,  here is everything I am coveting for this fall. I am so excited to start whipping out my scarves and boots and fall colors, and maybe start introducing some new ones into my wardrobe. I have been shopping online for the perfect brown riding boots and black fitted motorcycle jacket for the longest time. Once I get some money, those are the first things I will be splurging on, haha. And I am always in the market for some cute dresses and bags.

Well I am off to take Skylar to work and to see if the Salvation Army is having a sale today. How cheap am I that I steak out to see if the salvation army is having sales? Oh well, I have no shame. 

Happy Labor day!

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  1. Great post, I also am very excited for fall! :]
    Those boots are very nice!