You're In Brookelynn: Instagram roundup

Instagram roundup

Hello! I hope you all had a happy thanksgiving. I am aware I haven't been around much lately; I have been extremely stressed and exhausted and didn't get around to taking photos of anything (bad blogger, I know). Anywho, here are a few instagrams that I took over my much-needed thanksgiving break!

I am probably a crazy person for ordering frappuccinos all year round (even in the freezing cold), but they are just too delicious not to! // Finally put some lights up in my room in my apartment!

Me and my dad decorated and put up the Christmas tree at home! I put up all the ornaments by myself since my brother was being a butt-head. // My first photo for The Northern Star made the front page last week! Exciting :)
My kitty being lazy on my bed at home. She is really sick so I get excited to see her whenever I go home, just in case something happens to her while I'm gone :( // Yes, I forced my family to get in the Christmas spirit! (My I had to beg my dad to put on that apron, haha.)

Well, now it's back to the daily grind of school, bleh. Hopefully I'll post a bit more this week!

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