You're In Brookelynn: 19 Before 20: Halfway there!

19 Before 20: Halfway there! 

So I just realized that my half birthday is coming up within the next week (my birthday is in July), so I thought I would revisit my 19 before 20 list and see how I've been doing! I definitely have to say that life got in the way of a lot of these, and yeah I know that is a pretty shitty excuse. Well anyways, here's how I've been doing :)

  1. Get a tattoo:  Not yet, but I am dyyyyying to get one. I've got the tattoo fever! The only reason that I haven't yet is simply due to my lack of funds, but I've been saving lately so maybe within the next few months or so :)
  2. Make more friends: Well, I've been working on it! I've been trying to do more things that ordinarily scare me, like go to friend's parties and talk to more people in my classes. I still have a long way to go, but I think I'm taking steps in the right direction.
  3. Start a vintage resale business: This is something that just didn't work out, and I don't think it will for another few years. Being a college student with two jobs, I can hardly even run this blog!
  4. Blog more often: And on that note, I think I've been blogging more? I feel a lot more confident in my posts and content, and I've even been planning in advance!
  5. Start cooking more: Well, this one hasn't been too great. I will admit, I freakin hate cooking. I love food, but hate to make it, haha. Maybe I'll work on baking more!
  6. Get my GPA above 3.5: So close! After last semester, I'm at a 3.4 right now. Hopefully after this semester I can get that up!
  7. Take more pictures: Sadly, I have been lacking in this department. I seriously need to step up my picture taking game!
  8. Ride my bike more: I've been lacking in this one too. I think I only rode my new bike once during the fall. I'm hoping when it gets nicer out I will be motivated to take it for a spin!
  9. Be better with my finances: This was also one of my main new years resolutions, and in the past month I think I've been a lot better! I'm saving way more, and trying not to impulsively spend as much. I'm trying to save for a road trip to california this summer so I hope I can do it!
  10. Get more involved at NIU: I think I'm doing pretty well at this one! I have two jobs on campus, and just auditioned for the NIU dance show (I didn't get in...haha oh well.) And I'm going to start going to the gym's fitness classes!
  11. Read more books: Just recently I've started reading more. I'm currently reading a book called Breathe (it's kind of a teen read), and I've been really into it. 
  12. Do another musical: Well, I did audition and get into a local production of Jesus Christ Superstar, but my work schedule didn't work out at all with the rehearsal schedule, so I had to drop out. I'm not too upset about this, though.
  13. Stop worrying: Well, this is going to be a life-long process. I'm trying to work on my breathing!
  14. Find a job I love: Kind of! I love working at my different places on campus!
  15. Take more chances: I think I'm doing pretty good with this one! The fact that I even auditioned for that dance show (where most of the people who were auditioning were dance majors) was pretty scary. It was actually a lot of fun though, even though I didn't make it in!
  16. Stretch more & become more flexible: I haven't really been proactively doing this, but since I decided to take another ballet class this semester, it's kind of coming along!
  17. Try to be nicer to everyone: Working on it!
  18. Stay inspired: It's been hard lately, since I've had a slight case of the winter blues. I guess I just need to work harder at finding inspiration everywhere!
  19. Live in the moment: I'm trying so hard at this one! I think I've been doing pretty well.
I think i've been doing pretty good! Making this post has helped remind me of these goals so I may start working harder on them!

Happy Monday!


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