You're In Brookelynn: Spa Weekend Instagrams!

Spa Weekend Instagrams!

This past weekend, my cousin's wife treated me and one of her cousins to a girl's weekend! It was equal parts fun and relaxing: we stayed at a water park resort, but also had a day at the spa! 

  • We arrived at the hotel room, which was surprisingly nice!  My cousin's new house was also superrr nice, but I didn't get around to snapping a picture.
  • At the spa! 
  • I discovered I'm not a huge fan of lattes. But it looked so pretty I had to take a picture :)
  • Got our nails did! I had never gotten a manicure before, so that was cool!
  • Also, got a pedicure. I don't have pictures of them, but we also got massages and facials. It was so relaxing!
  • Now an obligatory note about the weather: what the hell, Illinois? We got a little snow last week (when I took this picture) and today it's 60 degrees and storming! And according to the forecast, it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Crazy.
I'm trying to get back to the daily grind of things, but my mind is still at the spa :). Is it summer yet?

Have any of you had spa treatments before? Our massages were only 25 minutes, now we know we need to splurge for the hour-long! Anyways, have a wonderful Tuesday!

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