You're In Brookelynn: Life lately

Life lately

  • Me and Skylar started an exciting paint chip project! It's not nearly close to being done, but I will totally have to post about it when we're done, it's gonna be awesome!
  • I started stretching my ears! This photo is a few weeks old, when i got my first set of tapers (14g) and now I'm on 8g. I'm trying to do it safely and not size up every day because I'm so excited, so it's been kind of a slow process. My current goal is only 0g, maybe 00 but I'm not sure yet.
  • My favorite thing about being home for break (other than not doing homework) is hanging out with my kitty! I will miss her sleeping next to me every night when I go back to my apartment :/
  • I was sick on January 1st, so that was kind of lame, but I did get to stay in bed all day and watch Fellowship of the Ring.
  • Skylar has been moving his bedroom into a new room, so we've been busy moving boxes and painting and such. Well, Skylar and his dad were, I was being a little lazy haha.
  • I finally got around to starting my essay that I need to apply for scholarships that i've been putting off for you can see from the picture I am starting out optimistic :)
Happy friday everyone! I didn't even realize it was friday until halfway through the day! I get to move back into my apartment soon, so I'm excited about that. I have lots of projects that I want to work on, but I have all the supplies at my apartment, so I'll be able to work on those soon!



  1. I used to have my ears stretched! I'm always tempted to go back and do it again. My advice is keep them clean (I would wash mine every time I took a shower) and do NOT use gauges that are rubber and expand in your ear. Bad idea. Have fun! :)

  2. Sorry you were sick, but watching LOTR is always fun :) I tend to do lots of HP and LOTR marathons when sick.

    Good luck with the scholarship apps!