You're In Brookelynn: 125 things that make me happy

125 things that make me happy

  1. Flowers
  2. Old movies
  3. Looking at old baby pictures
  4. Smells that remind you of your childhood
  5. A good cuddle
  6. Goodnight kisses (even if it's from your dog)
  7. A hot shower after a long day
  8. A great book
  9. Rain
  10. The first signs of the leaves changing color
  11. Stretching when you first wake up
  12. Clothes right out of the dryer
  13. Eating out with family
  14. Knowing there's someone there for you always, even if it's just your mom. Some people don't even have that.
  15. Laughing until you're laugh turns silent
  16. Cappuccino
  17. Strawberries
  18. The smell of freshly cut grass in the summer
  19. Big windows
  20. The first snowfall
  21. A candle-lit room
  22. Waking up on your birthday
  23. Feeling creative
  24. Cold water on a hot day
  25. Loving the outfit you put together
  26. Your hair just after it's been dyed
  27. Felt-tip pens
  28. Scented candles
  29. Playing 'guess the song' with my dad and brother
  30. Being naked
  31. Performing on stage
  32. Rain on a car window
  33. Road trips
  34. Strawberries (I accidentally wrote this twice...that's how much I love strawberries :))
  35. Being barefoot
  36. Seeing the sunset while you drive home
  37. New shoes
  38. Warm socks
  39. Putting your hair up at the end of the day
  40. Stargazing
  41. Slow dancing to no music
  42. Smooth legs
  43. Venting to friends
  44. Eating cake mix before you bake the cake
  45. Your mom cooking you food
  46. A full tank of gas
  47. Talking on the phone until you're too tired to keep your eyes open
  48. Getting tucked in by someone you love
  49. Smiley faces :)
  50. Friendship bracelets
  51. Crawling back into your bed after going to the bathroom in the morning
  52. Cheesy garlic biscuits from Red Lobster
  53. Waking up at noon
  54. Scarves
  55. Pumpkin patches
  56. Apple cider doughnuts
  57. Visiting the city
  58. Leaves budding after winter
  59. Thanksgiving
  60. Parades
  61. Christmas morning
  62. Listening to your favorite music
  63. Driving aimlessly
  64. Riding your bike on a sunny day
  65. Looking back on your old wishes and goals to find out that some of them came true
  66. Curly hair
  67. Flip flops
  68. Inspirational quotes
  69. Cute babies
  70. The smell of your dad's aftershave
  71. Sports bras
  72. Taking a bath
  73. Being walked to your door
  74. Someone being excited to see you
  75. Finding old notes you wrote
  76. Finding old clothes that still fit
  77. Thrift stores
  78. Combing out wet hair
  79. Sweat pants
  80. Wishing on a star
  81. Lazy days
  82. Marathons of your favorite show
  83. Feeling happy with your body!
  84. The first warm day after winter
  85. Having parents who love you
  86. The christmas season
  87. Cats
  88. Love notes
  89. Having a place to call home
  90. Photos on film
  91. Eating a meal and reading the newspaper
  92. Finding/making the perfect gift for someone
  93. Getting flowers
  94. Wishing on 11:11
  95. Not being sick
  96. Feeling inspired
  97. Blank books waiting to be filled
  98. Watercolors
  99. Lists
  100. Pretty jewelry
  101. Dancing
  102. Singing in the car by yourself
  103. Sweets
  104. Nutella
  105. Vintage dresses
  106. Finding something that you love on sale
  107. Anniversaries
  108. Getting something in the mail
  109. Cozy, rainy days when you have no plans
  110. Sleepovers
  111. Dogs
  112. Watching a movie you know all the dialogue to
  113. Summer break
  114. Wearing pajamas all day long
  115. Pretty nailpolish
  116. Nice strangers
  117. Sweaters
  118. When you get to eat something you've been craving
  119. When you write something in really nice handwriting
  120. Lockets
  121. Foot massages
  122. Taking notes with a nice pen
  123. Bread and butter
  124. Good morning calls/texts
  125. Good night calls/texts
I made a "happiness journal" after being diagnosed with depression, these are the things that I have written so far. Sometimes you have to remember the good things to put the rest in perspective.

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