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Life Lately

1. Lately my life has consisted of drinking coffee at times I probably shouldn't be drinking it. (i.e. 1 am). // 2. I was so proud of my hairstyle I did for Skylar's Show. I wish I would have gotten a real picture of it, but oh well. // 3. Last weekend, I went bowling with my family for my dad's birthday. I am convinced that he only took us bowling so he could beat us (he is an insane bowler, he's been on a league for as long as I can remember.) // 4. I've just begun baking more, and I surprisingly love it! Here was my first try at banana muffins, which turned out fabulous. // 5. I've been working a lot at the Convocation Center (the place where NIU plays their basketball games and has concerts and stuff) so I've been dressed in my all-black stagehand garb a lot lately. I did get to be a roadie for a Miranda Lambert concert that came through on valentines day, so that was pretty cool. // 6. My bike looks so sad buried under that pile of leaves! I am so ready for spring when I can break this baby out again!

Hope you are all having a happy Tuesday!



  1. Those muffins look SO good! Honestly, my mouth is watering. Yum!

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  2. Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop! I love your blog, super cute! You can find my blog at


  3. your hair looks amazing like that!