You're In Brookelynn: 10 Things Making Me Happy

10 Things Making Me Happy

1// Green things growing!
2// Delicious coffee (just the way I like it, super creamy!)
3// This fat, adorable puppy
4// Going on adventures with this guy
5// Finally declaring a minor in dance!
6// Painting my nails pretty colors
7// Beautiful weather (plus a preview of a future outfit!)
8// Crafting
9// Taking more macro photography
10// My desk & pretty things hung on the wall

I was having a pretty rough day yesterday, so to cheer myself up, I'm trying to focus on the good things in life! I'm planning on making this a semi-regular feature, since it makes me smile. Also, I've got a new weekly feature that I'm premiering on Sunday that I'm very excited about!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Very cute post. Keep focusing on the positive :) I wish there was green stuff growing here. I am sooooo sick of the snow!

  2. Isn't it so nice to be able to finally see grass? Love your workspace! I'm intrigued by that cute chalkboard :)