You're In Brookelynn: I Will Be Home Then

I Will Be Home Then

Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then) by The Decemberists on Grooveshark

I was able to travel back home to Genoa over the weekend for my mom's birthday, and since it was super cold outside, I took some outfit photos in my old room. As I mentioned in this post, over spring break (which is next week, yippee!) I will be compleately transforming this room for when I move back in at the end of the semester. It's crazy how many memories I have in this room; I've lived in this house my whole life, so this room basically represents childhood/teenhood for me. That is why I am going to paint & redecorate, to celebrate a new chapter in my life (even if I am still living with my parents). I'm super excited about it!

I apologize for the blurriness/overexposure of these photos, but I like this outfit anyway, so you will just have to bear with me. I've decided to buy more quality, long-lasting pieces for my wardrobe, even if it means paying a little more, because I will get way more out of it than if I buy a flimsy, $3 shirt on sale. This blouse, for example, I picked up from JCPenny for a little more than I would usually pay for a shirt, but it's so soft and comfy, and I know I will wear it for years. Definitely a good investment.

I've been so addicted to painting my nails lately, and I love the combination of pastel colors + gold, so I tried out an ombre coral and gold design. I love it! What are some of your favorite nail designs/color combinations? I would love suggestions!

I hope you all had a happy Monday! Over in Northern Illinois, we are expecting a huge snowstorm tomorrow, so if you are in it's path too, stay warm! Send me some snow day vibes :)



  1. 1. your nails look awesome.
    2. I freaking love that song. My best friend from high school and I used to cover it all the time, so it's just loaded with nice memories.

    1. Thank you! And me and my friends used to sing that song in high school all the time too! It's a great song to cover :)

  2. you look cute. I love the polka dot headband.

  3. Love that color of shirt! Looks really great on you!