You're In Brookelynn: Introducing: Julie of Different is Beautiful!

Introducing: Julie of Different is Beautiful!

Hello Everyone! I am pleased to introduce one of my newest sponsors, the lovely Julie from Different is Beautiful! Go ahead and check out her blog!


Who Am I?
I am a girl. I am a white, middle class, American girl of eighteen.
I like to shop and giggle about boys, I have a pet rock named Jack, and impossible dreams.
 I know the world's best pancake recipe and I cry during commercials about dog shelters.
I can ride my bicycle with no hands and speak in pig latin.
That is what I appear to be, just a girl.
Who am I really?
I am quiet, except with I am loud.
I am funny, but no one laughs at my jokes. I am smart, and I am determined.
I believe in working for luck, and for perfection.
I am confident, except when I'm scared.
I look at the stars and feel small.
     I stare at a bug and feel big.
I want to know everything.

I hate math and sharks and Florida.
I love seeing the world from up high, and hearing it through a car wash.
 I want to make people hear my ideas, my dreams.

One day I'll be smart enough to spend time looking out of windows instead of into mirrors.
I'm searching for someone like me, who supports and believes in my impossible dreams.
I'm Julie.

Why Do I Blog?
I started blogging the summer of 2011 because my family was relocating to Turkey and I wanted a way to stay in touch and let me family and friends know about my adventures abroad. I figured I would post stories of what living in the Middle East is like and photos of my life. I got lazy, and busy, and soon forgot about the blog.  I picked it up a year later when I was working at a boring summer job and needed something to occupy my time. I decided to begin my chronicling my adventure from the past year.
I started college this past fall, and suddenly I had new adventures to write about and share. A few months ago, I stumbled upon a friends blog (check it out at   and was amazed at how professional it looked and how many followers she had. Hers had begun as a personal blog as well, and had transformed into an income-generating marvel viewed by thousands of people every day. That was all it took, and I caught the ‘bloggin bug’. I spent hours redesigning my blog and learning the basics of web-design. I commented on others blogs, swapped buttons, and started to make new blogging friends. So here I am, just starting out and introducing a new budding blog, Different is Beautiful. I am just learning and getting on my feet, but I would love to have you stop by and let me know what you think!
Xo Julie @ Different is Beautiful

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  1. I must say, Brooke, this is a great way to expand your network and get more viewers. =) Giving a chance to other bloggers, such as Julie, to be known by letting them guest post on your blog is a kind gesture. I like her blog too! I am glad that she found blogging to be a great source of extra income. And with her introducing another blogger on her blog creates a wider range of connection between bloggers and viewers. Very smart!

    Darryl Tay