You're In Brookelynn: Finals Week Survival Tips

Finals Week Survival Tips

So...finals week is approaching! If your a stressed out college or high school student (or have ever been one) you know the horrors of finals week (example: the above picture is me drinking coffee at approximately 11pm). Anyways, I'm going to share a few tips that have been keeping me sane, I hope they may be helpful to you as well :)

  • Find a way of studying that works for you. Just because your friend or boyfriend studies a certain way, doesn't mean you have to do the same. Re-reading or re-writing my notes over and over again DOES NOT work for me. I always find my mind wandering. If something like that does work for you, great, keep on doing it. I've found that I like flash cards. And I force politely ask Skylar to help me study, so that makes it a little more personal and memorable.
  • Make a to-do list. It can be as simple as "write 2 paragraphs for paper, study chapters 3&4 for biology, call doctor to make an appointment, pick up coffee from grocery store." Even write down little things you think you may forget! It's very helpful to make a smaller, more specific list every day, than one big list for the week. Much more manageable! 
  • Get out of your apartment/bedroom/dorm room every once and a while! Sometimes the best way to take a break is to just to take a walk and get some fresh air. You can even take your laptop or textbooks outside (weather permitting) and get some work done outside! A change of scenery can be extremely helpful.
  • Remember to eat! Don't get distracted by hunger! Pack filling snacks like a granola bar, a banana, or nuts to get you through study sessions. And remember to eat protein-filled meals during the day!
  • Feeling Stressed? Take deep breaths. I don't know about any of you, but I can get some extreme anxiety when I have a lot of stuff to get done. What helps me relax is deep breathing. Take the slowest, biggest breath you can. Hold it in your chest (not your stomach) until you cant stand it anymore, and let it out. It will relax the shit out of you.
  • Remember: everything will be okay! If you don't do as well as you hoped, just remember it's not the end of the world! It's okay if your GPA isn't perfect, or if you need to re-take a class. In the long-run, things like this really don't matter! Just learn from your mistakes and reward yourself for your accomplishments! Go out to dinner or do some shopping :)
I hope these tips helped a little! I have study guides to work on and some outfit photos to edit, so I should be off!
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Ahhh, where were these last week?! Haha. I make to-do lists of EVERYTHING. I probably have a to-do list item about making another list....