You're In Brookelynn: Photo an Hour: Birthday Shenanigans!

Photo an Hour: Birthday Shenanigans!

Today I'll be sharing some photos from my birthday, which was last saturday! Skylar took me to a cute little town called Galena in Illinois, to walk around and do some shopping. Here was the day broken down by hour!

8am // Starting our drive! Along with some iced coffee, of course.

9am // Made a pit stop because Skylar had to use the potty. And of course we had to stop and take a picture of the pretty hills in the background! It's super flat where we live, so whenever we see hills it's kind of exciting.

10am // Finally made it to Galena! We stopped in a cute little cafe to have some late breakfast/early lunch.

11am // We discovered a shop that sold only salsa and hot sauce. Of course, I had to make Skylar try the dip called "Excruciatingly Painful," because I sure as hell wasn't going to try it haha. He said it was indeed 'excruciatingly painful'.

12pm // Still shopping around. I found a yarn store that was advertising kitties in sweaters, but unfortunately they were not selling any cats wearing clothes. False advertisement.

1pm // We decided to head home pretty early, because we are kind of like old people in that we get tired super quickly, haha.

2pm // On the way home, we stopped by a thrift store, and Skylar found this bitchin' accordion for only $20! As you can see, he was quite excited about it.

3pm //Since we were so tired, we decided to make ourselves some coffee so we didn't fall asleep, and hung out on my back porch. As you can see, we have extremely different tastes in coffee. He likes his black, while I basically like a cup of creamer with a little coffee flavoring in it, haha.

4pm // We were trying to force Star to hang out with us, but she wasn't having any of it. We let her outside even though she's usually an indoor cat, and she wanted right back in after about 5 minutes. What a party pooper.

Well, that's all the pictures I took! During the evening, we went out to eat with Skylar's family. I kind of wish I would have brought my camera along though, because then I could have documented Skylar's mom twerking on the Ruby Tuesday's waitress, haha.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day!


  1. LOL! Hope you had a great birthday!

  2. Love your pictures, Brooke. I hope you had a great day; we gotta celebrate! I wanna try that salsa and drink coffee with you. And we should probably start an accordion band now..

  3. haha looked like a great day!!! that kitty is so adorable!

    <3 kelly elizabeth