You're In Brookelynn: Sponsor in August with Exciting New Sponsor Features!

Sponsor in August with Exciting New Sponsor Features!

Ever thought about sponsoring You're In Brookelynn? Well, now is the perfect time! I have re-vamped my sponsorship features, and would love to have you on board. Here's some of the exciting things I'll be offering my sponsors!

First off, I will now be hosting paid ads. This is partly due to changes in Passionfruit's policy, as well as the fact that You're in Brookelynn is growing in size,as is the time it takes to manage it! But don't fret: the most expensive spot is only $10, with less expensive spots as well. Plus, I'll still be offering a limited number of swaps on a first come, first serve basis!

Second, sponsors will be able to be included in lots of cool stuff! I'll be hosting giveaways and guest posts, as well as introducing a monthly sponsor post! Cool, right?

For more information on sizing, pricing, and features, please visit my Sponsorship page! I'd love to have you!

Note: For sponsors who are currently swapping with me, your ads will still run their course without any charge. If you'd like to renew, however, you will be susceptible to a charge, depending on the size of the ad. Also, the Large ad spot is booked through September with previous swaps, but is still available for purchase (your ad will then go live in october)  

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