You're In Brookelynn: Weekend Snapsots: Taste of Chicago!

Weekend Snapsots: Taste of Chicago!

This past weekend, Skylar and I decided to venture up to the city to go to the Taste of Chicago! For anyone who doesn't know what that is, they basically close down grant park for a weekend, and a bunch of local restaurants set up booths where you can get food from! Skylar and I tried all sorts of delicious things: pizza, chinese food, breaded steak, and I had the best nutella crepe ever! Skylar thinks nutella is gross, but that just meant more crepe for me. Even though it was scorching hot, it was a blast!

Have any of you ever been to Taste of Chicago?


  1. I'm from Chicago and the Taste was one of those must-do's of the summer. I always got toasted ravioli from Tuscany and frozen grapes from Dominick's. Oh! And you can't forget a Rainbow cone!

    1. I was eying the toasted ravioli, now I wish I would have got some! Definitely next year :)