You're In Brookelynn: Friday Finds!

Friday Finds!

I Workout So I Can Walk To Mordor & Back Run Like The Doctor Just Told You To
Let's Get Down to Business Train Like You've Been Picked For The Hunger Games
Are these not the best workout shirts ever? For reals, if I had a few of these I might workout more often. 
Nica Marnie mini crossover bag, tan
This owl bag is so adorable!

This photo by Daphne Ng on Flickr is wonderful. It definitely makes me want to do more photo manipulations like this (especially ones doctor who-themed!)

How cute is this dress from Modcloth? It's not something I would typically wear, but I still think it's adorable as hell.
You Can't Sit With Us - Mean Girl Cat Print
Hand Embroidered Bunny Brooch
This shop has some super cute embroidery, patches, and prints! A bit expensive, but still super cute.
Lindsay is grammin’
© Bethany Marie Photography
This photo is beautiful. Makes me want to go on a hiking adventure!

These undies are so badass! I tried to find the actual source but I couldn't, if anyone knows where you could purchase these please let me know, because I legitimately want to!

I hope you all have a lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow! That photo is just awesome. I pinned it! And the cat one too. I love Mean Girls! HA!!!!

    I want those undies. Should keep my husband occupied for awhile ;) LMAO!

    Loving the whole feel of your blog girl! Definitely will be returning and catching up!

  2. I'm in love with ALL of these, but I especially love the workout tanks. I'm in that weird in-between where I don't want to drop loads of money on ""official"" workout wear (read: why???) but also I know I look like a schlub in my old camp t-shirts at the gym. What do I do???

  3. i am so in love with that bunny patch! it's so darling! i am off to check out exactly how expensive they are... and probably be sad about not being able to buy it! haha.

    lindsey louise


    or kinda close: