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Life Lately

1. Skylar and I at a wedding...clearly he was loving it. // 2. At marching rehearsal taking hipster pictures //3. Cat logic: the floor is basically empty, sit on plastic bag. Does anyone else's cat do this? // 4. It's apple season!
5. A few weeks ago, I went with Skylar's family to a HUGE Amish flea market in Indiana. It was awesome! // 6. Skylar and I went to the drive in! // 7. If you haven't tried this drinking game from pintrest, it's the best: cut out a mustache and tape it to your tv, and drink whenever it lines up. It's so fun! // 8. Kitty snuggles :)

How's your week been going? I feel like I haven't posted any instagrams in forever, so here ya go :)

ALSO: If anyone is interested in linking up your thrift hauls, the link-up will go live next Monday (the 23rd)! Anyone is welcome, so start posting those hauls, and don't forget to link up!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I should start posting my instagrams when I'm out of stuff to post. Also... your cat is kind of amazing.