You're In Brookelynn: Friday Finds!

Friday Finds!

Fond of Foliage Dress
How perfect is this dress for fall? Plus, the color is beautiful and it looks super flattering!

These deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough balls look AMAZING. Like, oh my god.

Jankowzki custom Tattoos: Neo traditional tattoos
This tattoo is super cool, dude. I'm really starting to dig neo-traditional tattoos.
Embroidered Don't Fuck It Up
I definitely need this embroidery hanging on my wall. Now that's some motivation right there!

These pumpkin pie cookies look so damn cute and delicious! I know I'd never be able to make them because I am awful at baking, but how can you not admire these?
Invisible on Flickr.
I love the idea of this photo.
Anthropologie - Hedgehog Pencil Holder
Awww, how cute is this hedgehog pencil holder?

I hope you guys have an awesome friday! It's NIU's homecoming weekend, so I know I'll be having an exciting weekend :) Stay tuned for a homecoming-themed outfit tomorrow!


  1. Food + cute animals = Perfection :D Have a lovely friday and weekend
    have fun


  2. that little hamster!!! eating a cookie!!! wow!!! haha, I love all of these - so cute!