You're In Brookelynn: Snapshots: Trimming The Tree

Snapshots: Trimming The Tree

This past weekend, we got all festive and broke out the Christmas tree. Well, I got all festive and I forced Skylar to be festive as well, haha. My kitty loves this time of year, because her absolute favorite spot to sit is under the Christmas tree. Once we put it up, she hardly ever leaves from underneath it until we take it down, haha!

Have you guys put up your Christmas tree yet? It's one of my favorite things to do when the season starts!

Anyway, Happy Wednesday :)


  1. Love that bokeh photo! This is my first year on my own so I actually don't have a tree :/

  2. I love blurry xmas tree shots! Totally adorable.

  3. These shots are amazing . I adore this bokeh snap!
    Noor | Noor's Place