You're In Brookelynn: What I Wore: Camo & Anxieties

What I Wore: Camo & Anxieties

Outfit Details
Jacket: Amazon
Shirt: Sears 
Leggings: Sears
Boots: Thrifted (similar)

Today has been one of those days where nothing turns out right, do you know what I mean? Like, you have so many great expectations for what you want to accomplish, but none of it ends up how you plan. I was actually surprised that I liked how these outfit pictures came out, because I had been working on photography for hours before and didn't like one thing I shot. I suppose it's because I've been away from real photography from so long, I have to get used to thinking like a photographer again.

But anyway, I digress. I got these awesome leggings and this top at Sears on black friday. I'm really excited about the leggings, because my other pair of pleather leggings didn't fit that well and were soooo uncomfortable. Surprisingly, these ones are super comfortable! And of course I had to wear them with my combat boots and leather jacket, because rock 'n roll, man.

Also, happy December everyone! How crazy is it that the year is almost over? NUTS!


  1. Great leggings! They look great on you! I feel like the past few days have been nothing but days where nothing turns out right. Hopefully that changes!
    Sincerely, Sara

  2. Rock and Roll for sure! Love the outfit Brooke, and your blog looks amazing! :) <3