You're In Brookelynn: Winter to-do list

Winter to-do list

Now, I'm going to admit something...I hate winter. I would much rather be frolicking around with no shoes on and laying out in the sun. However, since we've got a ways to go until that will be possible again, I've decided to embrace winter and make a fun little list of wintery things that I want to do during the next few months.

1. Go sledding. I've actually already done this once already this winter, but I definitely want to go again! We've got an awesome hill in my town for sledding, and plus it's also a forest preserve, so you can go exploring in the woods as well!

2. Movie marathon. Although I wish I was having an LOTR extended edition marathon, I suppose any movie series will do. What better way to spend a cold, snowy day than wrapped up in blankets watching netflix?

3. Bake. I have another confession to make: I am awful at cooking/baking. Like, laughably awful. However, I'd like to try and bring out my domestic side and try and bake a bit more. Plus, that just means more cookies and cupcakes for me to eat!

4. Build a blanket fort. To snuggle in, of course.

5. Curl up with a book. I want to read a lot more books this year. As of right now, I'm re-reading the Harry Potter Series, but I have a huge list of must-read books that I want to check out as well!

6. Go to a museum. There are so many museums in Chicago I've never seen, and I think this winter would be the perfect time to visit! Plus, I believe many of them are having free admission weekends for the next few weeks, so I may need to take advantage.
7. Go thrifting for sweaters. Nothing is better than a big, comfy sweater in the winter. Except for finding that big, comfy sweater for only a few bucks at the thrift store!

Well, those are my plans for this winter! Do you have anything on your 'winter to-do list'?


  1. Those all sound like great things to do! I love doing Lord of the Rings marathons. It is always between LOTR, Harry Potter, or Star Wars in my family for a marathon. Sledding would be awesome but we do not get enough snow here.


  2. I love sledding, I bought a sledge in the summer and am hoping for snow this winter, probably won't get any now lol.
    Blanket fort is an amazing plan! I use to love making them.
    You have very cool winter to-do list! : )

  3. These are great! I want to do them all now! I can't bake unfortunately since my oven is broken, but I would love to build a fort and read in it!