You're In Brookelynn: Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration

Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration

I know a lot of people don't really like Valentines day due to it's 'commercial-ness,' and while I tend to agree, there is still a part of me that loves the cheesiness, haha! Plus, I definitely don't get a chance to dress up often enough, and what better day to do it than V-Day? Here's some looks I put together for my dream Valentines day :)

Flirty Valentines Day Outfit
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Of course, I had to include at least one outfit featuring red (I don't wear it much, due to having red hair). But I toughened up the look with that awesome leather jacket and thigh-high black socks! I also included some Litas, which I would probably never wear in fear of breaking an ankle, but it's fun to pretend I would, haha!
Retro Valentines Day Outfit
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This one is more casual. I wish I had this whole outfit in my closet, I would wear it in a heartbeat! There's something about hi-waisted jeans and a retro-style head scarf that I think looks incredibly sexy, ya know what I mean?
Edgy Valentines Day Outfit
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First thing, I am in love with this jacket! I've always thought a leather jacket over a skater skirt with a black hat looks effortlessly cool.
Comfy Valentines Day Outfit
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And finally, an outfit for a cozy night in :) You don't have to go out and do something exciting to dress cute, amirite?

Do you have any plans for Valentines Day yet? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Like the white leather jacket.