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Sponsor You're In Brookelynn!

Hey guys! Ever thought about sponsoring You're In Brookelynn? Well, now's the perfect time! I've done a bit of updating to my ad spots and sponsor features, and I want to feature you!

Here's some of the new features:

  • XL Ad: Not only is this the prime spot on the blog, appearing directly at the top of the sidebar, but it now includes an exciting new blog feature! With this spot, you also get the opportunity to be featured on You're In Brookelynn in either a 'Sponsor Feature' post, interview, or guest post! This spot also includes lots (5+) social media shout-outs, and top billing on my new monthly "Sponsor Roundup" post! There are still only one of these spaces available per month, so make sure to snatch it up quick and purchase for future months!
  • Large Ad: This is the perfect spot for a small blog or business looking to get noticed! These ads are located directly below the XL ad, and also includes inclusion in my new 'Sponsor Roundup' at the end of each month! Not only that, but you also get some social media shout-outs, too!
  • Ad Swaps: Yep, I'm still offering 2 sizes of ad swaps, too! 

I'm super excited about these new features! I've also got lots of content and exciting stuff planned for June + July, and I want you to be on board! Don't hesitate to comment or e-mail with questions!

Happy Wednesday!

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