You're In Brookelynn: Apartment Wishlist: The Bedroom

Apartment Wishlist: The Bedroom

Apartment Wishlist: Bedroom
Bedding / Flowers / Nightstand / Tapestry / Owl Lamp / Throw Blanket / Pillow

Well, almost a week until I move into my new apartment! To say I'm excited is a littleeeee bit of an understatement, haha! 

Today I'm sharing my wishlist for my bedroom! I probably won't actually be buying a whole lot for my bedroom, so this wishlist is kind of a 'if I could buy anything I want for my bedroom, what would I get?' kind of thing. I already have things like bedding, pillows, blankets, etc, but they are getting a little ratty and I would love to replace them when I am able to. The only thing I'm definitely looking to buy is a nightstand like the one in the top corner; I need to start scouring garage sales and thrift stores! Plus, look at that tapestry in the bottom right; is it not absolutely beautiful?

Well, I hope you have a wonderful Thursday! I'll be sharing my bathroom and living room wishlists next week, and the week after that I'll officially have my new apartment to show off! 

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  1. yay congrats! I love the throw blanket such a pretty color! Enjoy your new apartment!!