You're In Brookelynn: Late Autumn Wishlist

Late Autumn Wishlist

Hey guys! It's November already, can you believe it? Even though I've been a bit too busy to take any outfit photos, that doesn't mean that I'm constantly shopping for new fall clothes. Here's some of the things that I've been wanting this fall:

Late Autumn Wishlist 2014

1 & 2 / I'm in need of a new jacket, but I can't decide if I want to splurge on an edgy leather one or a classic parka. I absolutely love the look of a leather jacket, and my current leather jacket is extremely worn out. But a nice parka would be so useful for the winter months. Maybe if I find some good deals, I can get one of each, haha!

3 / I'm not really in need of a new scarf, but that doesn't change the fact that I want another one! I love the pattern of this one.

4 / It's honestly been forever since I purchased a dress, and that really needs to change! I haven't been wearing dresses a lot lately just because of marching band, but since the season is coming to an end I'll be able to wear them a lot more!

5 / I'm going to admit something- I only own one plaid/flannel shirt. Crazy, I know. Obviously, I need more!

6 / I'm really drooling over a pair of boots like these! These ones are wayyyy out of my price range, but I love the straps! Plus, I'm pretty confident that I can hunt down a pair that will be more in my 'poor college student' price range.

7 / I've kind of been obsessed with wearing lipstick lately, which is weird because I was never usually into wearing it before. Obviously since it's fall, I've been leaning towards some darker colors like burgundy, but I really want to try a plum or deep berry shade!

8 /  I am in love with these plugs! Ever since sizing up my gauges to 1/2", all of the wood plugs I own are too small. I'd really like a pair in my new size!

9 / Finally, I've been on the look out for a nice pair of boyfriend jeans. I love the lighter wash!

Now that the semester is winding down, I've really been enjoying fall! Lately I've just been curled up binge watching the first season of American Horror Story (how did I never watch this when it first came out? SO GOOD.) with Skylar and some coffee. It's been pretty nice!

How's your fall season been? What's on your wishlist?

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