You're In Brookelynn: #DLVoxBox Review

#DLVoxBox Review

Hey Guys! I've been meaning to blog about the Deans List VoxBox for months! (Yeah, months...I got this in September...oops!) Well, this box has some pretty cool stuff in it so I thought better late than never, right?

Now lets take a look at the products!

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance
I was pretty excited to see these because, honestly, they are my favorite brand of tampon! Even though they are for 'sports' or whatever, I use them all the time. They are extremely comfortable! These ones are lightly scented, so if you're not a fan of that than I would just suggest getting the unscented kind. I personally like the lightly scented ones, because I am always paranoid about smelling bad, haha!

Luden's Watermelon Throat Drops
For this box, you could have either been sent some CoverGirl foundation, or these. I was kind of hoping for the makeup so I was a little disappointed when I saw I got these, to be honest. But actually, I just came down with a terrible cough, so these have come in handy! Plus, I really liked the taste of these! I don't know if I can give up my favorite cough drops (Halls Berries & Creme...anyone?) but these are definitely a good option too!

Kiss Fake Eyelashes in Flirty
I didn't previously own any fake eyelashes before, so I was excited to get a pair to try out! This includes free lash glue as well, so they are basically ready to go right out of the package. I really like these because they definitely enhance your lashes, but they're not super noticeable or over-the-top.

Soft Lips Cube in Sweet Mint
This is the cutest little thing! Honestly, I hate mint scented/flavored things so I haven't used this very much. But, I see they have a 'sweet vanilla' scent as well so I definitely want to try that one! Skylar has been using this too and let me tell you, he absolutely loves it, haha! He's basically claimed it as his own, which works out perfectly!

Sinful Colors Nail Polish
Not only did this box include this Sinful Colors nail polish, it also included a card about Sinful Color's '#NoTextRed' campaign, which I think is great! Here's what it is: you paint your thumb nails red to remind you not to text and drive. Cool, huh? However, as a nail polish, Sinful Colors has never been my favorite (I find it a little too thick, so it takes a long time to dry). Also, this color looks like a deep red in the bottle, but when you put it on it looks more like a standard 'firetruck' red.

Frixion Pens
I basically only write with pens (or mechanical pencils, but only when it's absolutely necessary!), so I threw these into my backpack to try them out while taking notes in class. I wasn't entirely impressed with how they wrote- they had a gel pen kind of ink, and it came out pretty streaky. I was pretty dang impressed at the fact that they are erasable, though! It erased surprisingly well, too!

Air Heads Fruit Bites
Last but not least, candy! I'm not a huge fan of fruit-flavored candy (my heart belongs to chocolate), so I had Skylar try some out too to get another opinion. He said he liked them, I thought they were just okay.


And that was everything! I think my favorite thing in this box were definitely the fake eyelashes, I have already gotten so much use out of them!

I hope you are all having a great week!

I received these products for review from Influenster, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. What a lovely treat from Influenster! I received a couple of beauty boxes from them too and the products are always nice to try! Thank you for sharing! I am loving the Frixion pens! :)

  2. What a fun box!! VoxBox's are awesome, this looks like a great one!

  3. How fun! So many great, practical items!

  4. Such a fun box, thanks so much for the inspo, those watermelon treats look phenom x

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  7. What a great box, I love those lip cubes.

  8. Looks like an awesome vox box! Is that from Influenster? The sinful colours is a perfect shade for Christmas coming up - in fact I did a Holiday post from them and they have a beautiful gold flake polish that would look gorgeous on top of the red polish you got!

  9. Cool little box! I love subscription boxes. I may have be a little bit addicted.

  10. You got some really nice goodies there in you VoxBox. I love pens so would have totally loved that.

  11. This is going to sound uber nerdy but I LOVE a great pen. A great pen is a real deal. And Pilot has some great ones!

  12. Looks like a great little box with a little bit of everything in it! Loved the pens!

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