You're In Brookelynn: A New Year: Thoughts and Goals

A New Year: Thoughts and Goals

Hey guys! It's been a while, hasn't it? As I'm writing this, there is only about 15 minutes left of the first day of 2015. Its kind of crazy how fast this year went! Is that just me? It may also be the fact that I almost totally ignored this blog for the last few months. While I'm a little upset at myself about that, I don't want to worry about it too much, because I had a pretty awesome fall semester, even if it was so busy. I just didn't document much of it. But, I'm back now!

And for my first post of 2015, I decided to do the stereotypical 'new years resolutions' post. Not very creative I guess, but here's my list of things I want to focus on in 2015!

♥Blog more often & make it more personal.
After taking such a long break from my blog and looking back on it now, it almost sounds like a different person wrote it. My style (both fashion-wise and writing-wise) has evolved a lot over the last few months, and I really want to express that here. I want to be more creative with my outfit and fashion posts, and I want to share more photography.

Photograph more.
Going off my first goal, I want to experiment with my photography more and take more photos of little details of my life to remember. I want to get back into shooting film. I want to share more about my knowledge of photography on the blog with things like tutorials.

Take more time for myself.
One of the main reasons I stopped blogging over the last few months was due to my crazy semester. I spread myself way too thin- took too many classes and did way too many extra activities. This semester (and year in general), I want to focus more on my school work, my friends and boyfriend, and things that make me happy.

♥Save more money.
Pretty self explanatory.

♥ Get a Tattoo.
This has been on my to-do list for years. I'm hoping that soon, I'll be able to save up the money to get one! I seriously have so many ideas, I'm not sure which one to get first.

Those are just a few main goals I have for the year. I've got some more specific goals that I'm sure I'll make a post about soon. I hope you've all had a wonderful New Years so far!

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