You're In Brookelynn: What I Wore: Winter Grunge

What I Wore: Winter Grunge

Outfit Details:
Coat: SheInside
Plaid Shirt: JCPenny
T-Shirt: Hot Topic
Jeans: Ross
Boots: JCPenny

First outfit post of the year, guys! And I straightened my hair for it, too- and look how long it is! I'm on winter break right now, so Skylar and I decided to take a walk around campus- and ended up on the roof of the almost-empty parking garage. It definitely made for a cool backdrop for these photos (All taken by Skylar, by the way!)

Three of the things in this outfit were Christmas presents from Skylar's mom- the plaid shirt, the Fall Out Boy shirt, and the boots. It's kind of crazy how well they go together! Lately I've been into the simple 'jeans and a t-shirt' look. It's kind of a throwback to my middle/high school days of only wearing emo band t-shirts and jeans, haha. (I was probably wearing a Fall Out Boy shirt back in middle school too, lol) I like to think that my middle-school-self would think my 21-year-old-self was cool- I would have killed for this outfit back then. Haha!

Happy Tuesday everyone! It feels good to be back :)

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  1. You look fab!! I love seeing outfit posts like this because it shows that not everyone walks around in dresses and high heels 24/7. A lot of outfit posts seem a little ott and this is my kind of style.
    Big fan of your coat too haha.

    Best wishes, Danielle xo