You're In Brookelynn: Introducing Percy!

Introducing Percy!

Meet my new little friend, Percy the guinea pig! I've been planning on getting a guinea pig for months now, and the day has finally come! Over the last few weeks, I've been slowly gathering the supplies, and this past weekend I found the perfect guinea pig to take home. He's so tiny- he's only a few months old! I've had him for about a week now, and he's already grown an inch or two since I've taken these pictures.

He's the sweetest- he loves being held, and squeaks like crazy when you pet him. I've also never seen a guinea pig get as excited as him- he jumps and twitches around any time I feed him, or play with him for a long time. It's adorable!


Ain't he cute? ♥


  1. Awww!! Hi Percy, aren't you adorable!
    Such lovely photos you've managed to get Brooke, animals are like kids for getting to stay still :P

    Makes me miss all my little furries. I've had 3 rabbits, a guinea pig and 7 hamsters in the past haha.
    Looking forward to seeing more of Percy.


  2. That is precious! What a little cutie :)

  3. Eeeeek! Look at his little face! I used to have three little ones when I was younger, I just loved the little piggy sounds they made. x

  4. He is so so so cute! I LOVE guinea pigs, they're just the best pets of all.

  5. Ah!! So cute!!