You're In Brookelynn: Valentine's Day Wishlist

Valentine's Day Wishlist

Valentine's Day Wishlist

Happy Wednesday everyone! I started the week off with lots of school work, so now that I have some time off, I decided to do a little Valentine's Day window shopping! Of course, I'd be happy with anything on Valentine's Day from Skylar. But, why not treat yourself on Valentine's Day, too? So, if I could get myself anything, here's what it would be!

  • These hanging bird plugs are so cute! 
  • I'd love to get flowers for V-Day, but honestly I would love to get some succulents even more!
  • I'm always down for some new pretty underthings, like this bra and undie set!
  • Have you guys seen the new Lush gift boxes? The Two Hearts one is perfect for Valentine's Day! I am seriously tempted to just buy it for myself.
  • You can never go wrong with a cute mug! We drink so much tea and coffee at my place, mugs are always a necessity.
  • I'm a huge fan of small, dainty necklaces. I'd love this little heart one!
What's on your V-Day wishlist?

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  1. I've suddenly gotten SO into succulents. I think they add the cutest element to an office/home!