You're In Brookelynn: Pretty Things

Pretty Things

Those winter blues have been hitting me pretty hard lately, and gathering up pretty things to photograph makes me feel so much better. Everything has just been so gray and dreary lately, and I need some color in my life! Ya know what I mean?

I was super excited to find out that I was selected to receive the XOVoxBox from Influester, and the first thing I received was a coupon code for a free pair of lingerie from Adore Me. Isn't this set I picked out pretty? It's soooo comfy and it makes me feel like a fairy nymph :3

I've also had this Unicorn Horn bath bomb from Lush for a few months, ever since they debued it for Valentine's Day. Honestly, it's just so pretty that I haven't been able to bring myself to use it yet! It's my first-ever lush purchase, so I want the first time I use it to be perfectttt. I was actually thinking on filming a demo/review video where I show what it looks like when I put it in the bath and that sort of thing. What do you think?

Have a lovely day ♥


  1. These look amazing and that set from Adore Me is absolutely adorable. :)


  2. Lush is THE BEST! The first time my boyfriend bought me a gift set-they just sat in the bag for months because I wanted to save them for a special occasion haha! I've been wanting one of those Unicorn Horns, but now it's unavailable. Hopefully I'll be able to order one soon! I'd love to see/read a review!

  3. I LOVE Lush! I'm waiting till I get a bathtub that I can actually fit into (hopefully a place will present itself this summer!) and that lingerie is just TOO cute!!

  4. That bra set is so lovely! That Unicorn Horn looks awesome! I've always wanted to try it! These pictures are wonderful!